Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of this policy

  • The objective of this policy is to define methodology for handling information about all users of our services (including private information, hereinafter referred to as "User Information").
  • In order to safeguard User Information, we will comply with all applicable private information protection laws, guidelines, and any other relevant regulations.

2. User Information we collect and how its collected

User Information includes information related to user identification, activity history on communication services, and information about users or their terminals such as users' smart phones, computers and tablets that are generated or accumulated on such terminals, and it refers to information we collect in accordance with this policy. We collect User Information using the following methods:

  • Information directly provided by users
    We may ask users to provide the following information when they enroll in our services:
    1 Name, user name or nickname
    2 Email address
    3 Password and other information needed to verify identity of a person accessing an account
    4 Any other information we decide to collect
  • Terminal information
    When users access our services from terminals or mobile terminals, we may collect terminal identifiers, mobile terminal identifiers and IP addresses. Furthermore, we may collect any other information users choose to share such as names given to their terminals, terminal types, telephone numbers, countries, user names, and email addresses.
  • Information related to user activities
    When users use our services, we may collect and retain information they provide to us directly and information they provide via a third party service provider that provides our services. We may collect information regarding users’ use of our services and their communications with other users.
  • Communication features
    When users communicate with other users and participate in certain activities to share information (including text, user profiles, messages, pictures, images, sounds, videos, applications and other information contents), we may record and retain archive information of such communications.
  • Information collected using technologies such as cookies
    Service providers acting as our agents and we will use log files and tracking technologies to collect and analyze cookies, IP addresses, terminal types, mobile terminal identifiers, browser types, browser languages, reference pages and exit pages, platform types, number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, number and order of page views, URL of viewed pages, viewing time of certain pages, status of apps or of websites, date and time of activities on our services, and other information.
  • Information collected from use of external services
    We may collect IDs users use for external services and other information that users allow, in their external services privacy settings, to be shared with partners of the external services.

3 Usage purposes of User Information

We use the collected User Information as follows:

  • To provide our services
  • To identify users and provide authentication services
  • To conduct system maintenance and respond to problems
  • To send important notifications such as changes in our terms of use and privacy policy
  • To deliver advertisements and verify their effectiveness
  • To provide technical support and respond to inquiries from users
  • To prevent fraudulent activities or activities that may be illegal, and to ensure rules such as our terms of use and privacy policy are followed
  • To achieve purposes specified for each of our services

4. Sharing User Information with third parties

  • We may relegate handling of all or portions of User Information to third parties insofar as necessary to achieve the usage purposes. In such a case, we will conduct appropriate and necessary monitoring of the third parties so as to ensure the safe management of User Information.
  • We may share User Information with third parties who as our agents provide services such as payment processing, data analysis, email transmissions, and hosting services, or with third parties who support our marketing efforts.
  • Among User Information, we may share certain technical information (including IP addresses and mobile terminal identifiers), anonymous statistical information and anonymous information regarding service usage with third parties.
  • We may disclose User Information as required by laws, regulations, legal proceedings, or requests from official or governmental organizations inside and outside of users' countries of residence.

5. Safeguarding measure

  • We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leaks of, loss of, or damages to User Information and to safeguard User Information from other threats.
  • We provide necessary and appropriate supervision of our executive officers and employees to safeguard User Information.

6. Disclosure of User Information

  • When users request us to disclose their User Information, we will do so without delay unless one of the following applies. If we decide not to disclose all or portions of the information, we will without delay notify the user of our decision.
    1 When it is feared that life, body, assets and other rights of users or of third parties are endeared
    2 When it may gravely interfere with normal operations of companies handling the private information
    3 When it is against other laws
  • When we receive such requests from users, we may ask them to bear the cost for user verification and other necessary costs.

7. Correcting private information and stopping its use

  • When users request that (i) we make corrections to their private information because the information is not true or (ii) we stop using their private information in accordance with laws and regulations because it is used for purposes other than previously disclosed usage purposes or because it is collected by deceitful or other fraudulent methods, we will, upon verifying that the actual user made the request, conduct necessary investigations without delay, as a result of whom we will correct the private information contents or stop using the private information, and notify the user of our actions. If we decide not to make corrections to or stop using private information for legitimate reasons, we will notify the user of our decision.
  • When users request that their private information be deleted and we determine that we need to comply with the request, upon verifying that the request was made by the actual user, we may delete the private information.
  • When we are not under obligation to correct or stop using information according to private information protection law and other laws and regulations, stipulations in the preceding two items are not applicable.

8. Inquiries regarding privacy policy

Please contact us at [email protected] with any thoughts, questions, complaints, or any other inquiries regarding handling of information about users.

9. Changes to privacy policy

We will review as appropriate and strive to continually improve our handling of User Information, and we will make changes to the privacy policy as needed. Any important changes as well as the latest privacy policy will be posted on our website.

Established:12,20,18(Month Day, Year)